"My sessions with Luminare' were profound and exhilarating.  I experienced such a deep connection with myself that it even brought tears to my eyes during the healing.  As far as my physical experience I felt a lot of energy, especially in my hands.  I have more of a conscious awareness of myself and emotions.  Situations that would have normally caused me to have a negative emotion does not have the same effect on me.  I'm experiencing a lot of synchronicity with what it is I desire; everything is falling into place for me and I am finally in a divine flow of my life.  My first session was in-person, and it was absolutely amazing.  I felt much love and comfort from a spiritual standpoint.  During the remote session, I encountered more energy.  It was by far more noticable and extremely exciting.  I felt balls of energy in the palms of my hands...and it was spinning.  For the first time in my life, I feel as if I have a sense of direction of where it is Im going.  I have always been very attuned with myself, but now I have more of a connection with who I truly am.  I feel a deep "oneness" with my higher self.  I've benefited from Luminare' more than anyone will ever know.  Her work has helped me empower myself, and that is a special gift.  I am forever grateful."  -S.B.

​"I am really grateful for finding Luminare' through YouTube. I have been experiencing problems with my kidneys and the situation got worse where I had trouble walking, because of back pain and burning in my skin and other symptoms. The burning sensation really bothered me and it went away after my first session (45 min long distance). I fell asleep and woke up at 2:22am knowing that something must have happened. Along with the healing I experienced past and negative emotion rising up which I had to process and let go. I decided to have a second session because I was so happy with the first one. The second session was the most powerful and intense and I felt her energy stay with me when I woke up from the session. Lots of negative emotions have come up and repressed emotions that I didn't know I had had come up and I used this as an opportunity to once again process and let them go. I will continue to use Luminare's service because I found it to be very helpful in my healing journey and I hope to keep her a friend also." V.K.

​"I have felt great since our session.  I did notice that my energy level has been higher than usual and I feel more positive about most every aspect of my life.  Immediately after the session began it was as if I could feel the energy field around me.  I felt a heavy, cloud-like weight mostly around my hands and upper body.  After ten minutes or so I could feel a wave-like energy "dance" through me.  It was a colorful energy that just seemed to wave, and move inside of me in a joyous manner; like dancing! :) I felt a strong presence of the color green.  Throughout the entire session I felt very relaxed and at peace.  Immediately following the session I was filled with positive emotions, and my mood continued to stay exceptionally elevated for the next week!  I feel less stress and worry.  I just want everyone to have the experience I had!  My body has been strong, and I've been able to do more physical activity than before, without tiring.  The feelings that I had during the session was totally unexpected, but one of the most exciting and transforming experiences of my life!  There has been a definite spike in my energy level and positive, upbeat emotions come easier to me.  My physical being seems more stable, and stronger than ever.  Those who are close to me have pointed out a noticeable change in my overall attitude.  Thank you, Luminare'!  I'm so glad I got to work with you.  You really do have a gift:)" L.P. 

 “I found you because my other sessions here in town just were not doing much for me anymore.  I had no idea a distance session could be so powerful.  The energy was just so strong I eventually passed out from all the vibrations as if going into a deep sleep.  I had so many insights and new strengths the next day, seeing what had to be done differently in my life as if it was now clear as day and night. I know this will help me to heal as well, so thank you for the attuning energies Luminare'.” C.L.

​“That was amazing.  I felt like I was floating, I could not feel anything below me.  I saw a tunnel of light coming through me, felt much heat entering my head, and when you put your hands on my arm to heal it and took them off, it was as if I could still feel your hands on my arm.  I have never experienced anything like that before.” M.J.

"It feels like magnets pulling in my hands!" - A.A.

"The toothache and headache dissappeared in seconds, I can always depend on these energy sessions!" - A. A.

"You really have the  power ... that knot like thing at the back of my head that was causing me headaches is completely gone!" -G.W.

"My back pain was gone the next day, and I experienced a strange energy rush during the session, thank you for the healing." - R.D.
"I could feel each part of my body you were working on, and see a white light around me during your distant session." A.A. 

"My leg injury stopped hurting and my sore shoulder stopped hurting, and my immobile arm felt tingly inside as if something was being corrected." - T.D.

   "I first received a session and felt intense energy entering my body and in the heat of Luminare's hands placed on my head.  That night, I had a dream that I took this golden ball out of my chest and placed it back in, I told her about it thinking it was my soul, she notified me that the golden ball is a healing gift, and to this day I feel it inside my heart every morning when I wake up.  During my next session, I noticed an immediate shifting of energy in my body, and then it began releasing through my head, and it felt as if a lot of pressure had been relieved. She would be standing and working in one place, and I could feel things happening in other areas of my body, like kinks being worked out from even a simple movement of her pinky finger from afar, it felt like a feeling of touch on my skin or a wave of internal movement sweeping through me. My dog even noticed strange things in the room and began looking around as if something we could not see was flying about the room.  I felt higher energy the next day and felt ready to exercise again!  One strange physical effect I had was when Luminare' did work on my lungs.  I have had asthma all my life, but I am also a smoker.  The day after I received the session I began coughing up tar from the cigarettes, and this had never happened to me before.  The other time I went to Luminare' was when I had a cut on my finger that just would not heal, it was hurting for at least a week, Luminare' did a healing and the next day the pain was gone and dramatic healing had taken place.  I have had several realizations since receiving energy work from her, just noticing spirit showing me how the world really works, I have also noticed strong associations with Luminare's sessions and my emotional clearing that begin to tie together and I see how everything in my life is making more sense, how my cleaner thoughts and energy field project a more positive world around me. The most profound thing I have noticed is that during her  work, I began to see the outline and colors of everything around me when my eyes were closed, when Luminare' was working with this energy I was surrounded by a blue electric or water-like field; it somehow activated a sort of third eye vision, and I can now see auras or energy fields to this day (with eyes closed), when before it was only sparkles and swirls of light that didn't seem to make much sense.  Anytime I need her, she is there for me, ready to take pain away such as headaches, and it always seems to be lightening fast! I would recommend her for those who are going to all the wrong things for relief when what is needed is this energy I cannot explain, but works very well." -A.A.

"Call me crazy, but as I was talking to my husband, I started noticing a light blue aura around his head.  I was in disbelief! I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me!  Thanks for the advice on how to tackle my blockage.  I am feeling like a new person. You are absolutely made to do this and I can't thank you enough :)  " -S.B.

​"Over a period of two weeks my hip went from causing me slight pain to so severe I could not walk, I asked Luminare' for a distance healing immediately after her suggestion, for I was fearing a hip replacement.  She calmed me down and comforted me by relating the situation to what was going on in my life.  She did a remote healing on me and the next day I could walk again with 90% less pain.  Over the next two days and two more healings from a distance, I was back to normal, without pain!  Without Luminare's help, I would have gone to the emergency room, and feel I would have had major surgery for a hip replacement." -T.D.

Here are a few words from clients describing their session experiences with Luminare'. Although every experience is unique, this may give you a better idea of what to expect.

 "Thank you so much for your healing session. It was very powerful and loving. I feel the block you worked on, which I experienced as a non-stop pain on my left side of the solar plexus, is rapidly dissolving. I do not feel pain there anymore! I do feel energetically like something was removed, and now space if filing with my own, source, energy. So much lighter. Also eyes are sharper already!! And over the last couple of days, insights and more clarity, understanding just started eavesdropping so subtly and so normally :))"


"I felt my head rocking from left to right, I got a little scared, but got over it. After that I felt my root chakra spasm a lot for a while and after that it was my heart chakra (feeling like a vortex inside of my heart) but I could feel it in my stomach too.​

...The healing you gave me was more powerful than all the healings I have ever had combined. I slept well last night and woke up without anxiety or anger, I felt at peace and very tranquil. Since the healing, everybody has told me that I was more positive and I have to say I began to sing and dance today. You have really touched something deep within my soul that was waiting to guide me again on the right path. "


"WOW, that was intense. As soon as you started, I could feel my 3rd eye throbbing intensely!!! And I could feel it so strongly throughout my entire body, I felt muscles that I've not used in years!! I was just lying on my bed for an hour but even after you stopped working on me, I could still feel it intensely. My door kept shaking quite a lot, which was very unusual. 

It felt like i was constantly blinking even though my eyes were closed, kind of like my 3rd eye blinking or I had a strong heart beat in my head. Very powerful. I could feel like electricity surging through my feet towards maybe last 15/20 minutes or so. I could feel you working all over my body. I felt my throat change my internal breathing change, it would probably be easier to tell you what I didn't feel a change.

My heart feels achy too lol. I could intensely feel my heart I felt my consciousness was mainly in my heart during the duration of that session.  Yeah, because of the pain in my backside I completely changed the way i walk to stop the pain really limited the muscles within my hip and legs but I felt great after the hour, I felt way more balanced and my body felt a little achy from where I've been using my muscles incorrectly for so long.
 I had some intense visions and thoughts that I just couldn't control. Every now and then, depending on my focus, I'd see an eye as big as my internal vision could see. About half way though I felt super charged. Wow, you're some kind of super human, words couldn't express or describe how you made me feel. I think you may be under charging, haha.

 (Next Day)

My entire body is buzzing and vibrating whilst I'm typing this!
Since that session, I had my first pain free and easy bowel movement in nearly a decade.  Super powerful as no one has been able to help me in that area and I've seen many a specialist in different fields.

I don't even know how you found me being 1000s of miles away, let alone how you altered my energy. You've inspired and motivated me like no one else and got me awe struck. For the longest time, I had lost faith in humanity, but now it's back in a massive way, for that I don't know how to show you gratitude in an equal way."


"When you started I did feel a presence on my left side. I kept looking over to the left, but nothing. Also, I saw you flash in my mind's eye very bright, the flow around you. And yes, I felt the feet were the first thing you worked on, they were throbbing. And my hip on the right I had hurt when I was in school running track. It's amazing you knew the energy of it. And my right shoulder has been hurting from an injury at work for about 3 months now. So I see why that side would have needed more attention. Also, my heart had a shock feeling to it as well. I was very happy afterwards.......but I could see you clear as day, that's amazing. Thank you for this great experience and clearing. I can already feel and see a difference when I'm practicing energy. I'm sure it will only get better with time." 


"Hard to describe the wonderous effect, and changing me so much spiritually that the more healing sessions I can receive, the better!" 


"The session was intense from my side. I had involuntary left hand movement in the first 10 minutes. In the last 5 minutes I felt a total relief, all the exhaust from belly and chest was leaving me; I sensed the exhaust was leaving me in a form of a stream/flow out of my chest and belly. My knees didn't hurt when I walked in the mall for 30 plus minutes! I'm amazed. I forgot to tell you I have a noticable shift in my overall body! Even my wife noticed it without me telling her. My body is more tuned and overall look is thinner!!! From my end, the experience was too strong. I felt two  pinches in my heart and I had to lay on the ground. Eventually, the blockage ended up in my right and left arms only and got locked there. My arms were heavy. I started releasing them out of my arms. I finally released the energy out of my arms. I'm happy this incident happened. I feel my body is way lighter than before."


"I found that I have evolved a lot in my consciousness since the first healing. I found that many of my symptoms that were bothering me did go away, so thank you." 


​ "I instantly felt energy moving through my feet and knees. When you first mentioned feet and knees, I remembered that I had an old injury to the side of both knees. There were also some sensations over the arms and neck. I started to get some feeling around the temple areas, and above the ears. First I felt the right side of my head and then the left side.  Shortly afterwards, although I can't exactly recall them. I do remember having some very vivid dreams. The whole experience was really nice."

More from A.C.

​That's funny, I was drawn to you originally because i was fed up of pain and misery and I just so badly wanted to live again, I guess I was drawn to the right person. Since the healing on Friday, wow, I notice so many changes everything is so much better in every way, even how people look at and interact with me everything has changed 10 fold for the better. Even my family, we have dinner together without TV!! No longer eating separately and they're embracing healthy eating too! And they're all just so much more conscious it's beautiful it's enabling me to want to further embrace and increase my consciousness! Love it. I've had so many feelings come to the forefront of my mind and I've mentally forgiven my self  and so many people for causing so much pain and anger and any negative emotions, I've literally let it all go and i just feel free and open like a body of water flowing from waterfall to waterfall moving with ease and naturally. I even feel that my balance has improved too as well as my breathing.

"​​​It was totally awesome! Started out feeling tingling at mid spine, then it increased to where I could feel movement from mid spine to brain stem. It felt like it was slowly gently correcting itself into alignment. This was going on throughout session and longer. This morning I still felt the movement, not as much as last night. Thank you for the one of the best experiences of life at this time!"

"The energy healing was exactly what I needed to transform my thoughts into being more positive.  I had no idea what to expect since this was my first energy healing.  During the session, my eyes started twitching and my teeth felt like they were vibrating/chattering.  A few tears also streamed down my face during the session.    I felt a tingly sensation as the energy traveled.   You mentioned my lower legs around the ankle area.   I also have problems with my feet.  My left foot is the worst and can be painful at times.  After the session, my foot pain subsided.   My mind feels lighter and clearer. I am very happy that I decided to get an energy healing session.  Thank you for all of your help and insight! "

L: "maybe you are counseling or teaching. Also saw small winged creatures in mind's eye. Prominently something like an Angel figurine…"

 " Thank you! I just bought an angel figurine today. I have been thinking a lot about angels and seeing a lot of feathers. I am indeed a counselor and a teacher. Yes, I felt most of the energy differently this time mainly in my hands and my neck and head and chest. Thank you again! "

​"Since my back is feeling more aligned I've been doing stretches in the morning. When I used to do this I would feel my vertebrae make clicking sound with movement. Since you've worked on me I now feel a slight click in my neck. From 1 to 10, (10 being bad) my spine discomfort was 6 to 9 most days especially at work. Now it's 1 to 3. I now feel the discomfort is my spine adjusting to healing, like a healing bruise. Working on being more active away from work to strengthen knee. 

Since our sessions my back has greatly improved, neck a bit better.  My eating habits have changed to where I am loosing weight, good thing. I feel more easily spiritually connected when I meditate." T.B

(Session for family member)

"She says the 5th day she was in the bighouse she felt changes leaving her feeling lighter, feeling better, positive. That's about the time you worked with her, looking at my calendar, it was the fifth day! Thank you so much!" T.B.

"A couple of times I felt lots of energy flowing from my hands, a sudden sharp pain in my head, some scalp pulsing, occaisional body twitching, and an overall sense of wellbeing." L.F.

(Session for family member)

"She definitely felt you yesterday and she actually told me during the session that you were performing a kind of scanning to her body. The good news is that she is feeling better today, both emotionally and physically. She feels her right leg to have been improved. I trust that she will keep improving as time passes." T.T.

Remote Attunement Session

"I felt a swooshing noise, like wind, in my right ear toward the beginning. There were many times when I started lauging because I felt your presence. I felt the left side of myneck pinch and then release. There was a phase where I just felt energy flowing through me starting at my feet and flowed all the way through my head. I periodically felt spasms around my body. Then, my feet and hands were a bit cold, then at one point my hands were just really warm, even though my feet were still cold. Right after that I felt a strong connection between my hands and my head. I started pushing out energy through my hands, and it has never felt this strong. Towards the end I looked up and could see my field around me and lines moving in it. There was also a green glow in the room." S.W.

I felt a lot during the session, it's like hours of work compressed into 44 minutes, so it's hard to go through it all. The energy that you send just feels phenomenal. I wish I could just have that every day, I wish energy like that was a part of everyone's lives every day. It's just so much more than I feel with anyone else I've worked with. And everything that's locked up and hard for even me to work on inside, you just like reach in, it pops open, I feel energy like in my shins connecting all the way up my body, it feels like my third eye is wide awake, my root chakra which I've been having problems with feels connected and full, and I could feel tendrils of energy coming up out of it. I just always feel like next level different afterward.