Wedding in the park officiance is for couple-only or small ceremonies in one of the magical locations in town. It will be recorded. Email or call with the info on your business card.

Energy Healing/Past Life- In Person

Preparing for the Past Life Regression
An important step in preparing for the session is to allow and affirm that you have a clear and direct communication with your higher self, that you can relax, trust, and know that this will be a positive and progressive experience in your life’s journey. There is no judgement, and you are in a safe and confidential space to express and to be heard and seen. That whatever happens is right for you. Your normal identity is set aside to allow what needs to come through.

 Please bring a list of questions that may be answered during the session. For example, “What is my life purpose? Do I have karma I need to work through? How am I blocking myself? What do I need to see that I am not seeing. Do I have a soulmate? Is there a better career path awaiting me, and if so… what? Why is my body struggling physically and how can I heal it?

Please be prepared by turning off Bluetooth, volume or simply having all devices off, avoiding the use of perfumes/colognes, drugs/alchohol and be aware not to consume caffeine too close to the session. Perhaps have a much lesser dose if you feel caffeine is needed for you in order to be able to get into the proper brainwave state.
You may want to bring a snack for after the session in order to ground.

It is best to set aside at least 6 hours in your schedule for the session.

 Please come completely alone for the session. A session will not be conducted if others are there as there need be no pressure with time, overhearing, or any other influence that could come from another’s presence.

Please call or email through the info on the business card. Please pre-pay through the site to book the session.

Past Life Regression

The session takes you energetically back in time to where you are seeing and experiencing your past lives, aspects of this life, and/or other information from your superconscious. Most see in past lives whom it appears they loved, where they lived, what time period it was, what they learned in those life times, and what led to what they may be struggling with this time in order to heal it. If the client is really able to relax and deeply experience these levels, then we go to the deep healing state, speaking to the part of you that can instantly heal all aspects and answer many questions. One may wake up from this state with bones regrown, cancer healed, anxiety gone, and any array of issues cleared. It takes trusting, desiring and letting it happen. The session is recorded so that if you do go into a deep state and don’t remember it fully when you wake up then you will have the audio recording. The deeper state you go, the more information comes through but you do not always remember it all upon waking and that is why it is recorded as backup.  Some often also experience pain being removed from their body during the regressions. Often things were stored during these other times and they become uplifted to be removed during the session.  A healing session is also done with the session as well as a reading.  It’s really important not to be nervous and then it will be a good ride! 


For In-Person services, please pre-book through PayPal below and email or call with the contact info on the business card or brochure only. Do not contact through the website.

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Past Life Regression

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