Further Explanation to Session Process

-Payment must be submitted before session message

-You will be worked with on levels other than only the healing session, so be thorough in your message if you wish to open up, that is encouraged. Healing occurs on many levels.

-After your session is scheduled, you will receive a reminder email prior to the session to be sure you are ready and that the times and date are correct. There is no need to miss your session experience!

-Be sure to drink water after your session, toxins may be uplifted, and without flushing out, a headache or tired feeling may result. Be sure to rest anyway, if needed. Emotions may be released over the next few days, just observe and realize you will feel much lighter afterwards. If you do not experience this, you may feel immediately lighter and of higher vibration immediately after the session. 

-How the distance session works - your energy field is being worked on, thus video and phone are not used. You should feel the energy working throughout your body. This is much stronger and more effective than working through email or video. You may play light, relaxing music in the background. The basic remote session will last at least 44 minutes. You will get a reply from Luminare' about 20/30 minutes after it has completed with her findings, such as messages, parts of the body blocks were removed or injuries/disease were detected, and anything else she picked up on.

If you are buying a session for an unwell relative or friend for instance, it is best if they are aware of the session, that it works, and are welcoming the healing. It will still work even if you do not do this, but it does help that anyone receiving healing energies are open to them. It is suggested that you experience a session before buying one for another, so that you may explain what it is like. It is more likely in these cases of buying for another, that healing is blocked if they are not in a sense "spiritually aware." Showing them the streetlight video and testimonials is highly recommended. They need to open up to it, they have already blocked their own wellbeing thus far, it is essential they open up the mind, heart, and energy for life changes. Luminare' will give further advice and tips to speak with them about, in order to ensure they understand the process of healing the body besides letting the energy do it's job alone. Get the tools to heal yourself anytime! This is part of the work, sharing life-long energy and a structure for wellbeing that is in your hands as an empowered being.

- Different healing and activation occurs with each session.

-It is best to have at least a week between sessions.

-Pay attention to dreams, intuition, perception that diet changes may be needed, physical healing, more energy, synchronicities, addiction decreases, weight loss, perspective changes and more. This is to get you more in tune with you, to become more guided, so begin to notice knowing more, and being in the flow of life, shedding old belief systems, letting go of negativity, seeing how your thoughts create faster when carrying more energy, and how you are living in a more enlightened, blissful, heart-centered, empowered state.

 If you are not sure if you are sensitive to the energy, there is the sample session to test it out.

​​Disclaimer: By committing to a session, Souls Empowered, cannot be held responsible for any negative life situations after your session. This is unheard of and Souls Empowered cannot take responsibility for false claims, or health situations. It is for therapeautic reasons and healing usually does occur, but is not 100% guaranteed. The right healing for the person will occur with an openness to receive. Your health is your responsibility and you help direct the energy, so it is best to stay positive and hold the best possible version of yourself in mind.

If you are ready to schedule your distance session, please do so first to the right through paypal.

(In-person services, please begin on the In-Person page.)

Secondly, include your session intention, along with any other details you would like to provide in the message field to the right.

State your preferred times and days for your session.

You will be emailed shortly to discuss your session further.



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