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Pet Sessions

Monthly Energy

After payment, fill in form on the schedule page with the name of the person to send energy to and your or their email. You will be emailed to further discuss how you would like the session arranged.

A session that continues to work with you. Recommended for those intending to develop their spiritual gifts. It activates spiritual abilities, strengthening intuition, activating 12-Strand DNA, and includes the "Remote Healing Session." Clients have reported extreme spiritual experiences and ongoing energy activations. $111.11.

Sample Remote Session

Energy Sessions

Sessions for pets are $11.11 and may be purchased below.



Remote  Healing Session


Different shifts occur with each healing. 1-2 weeks between sessions is recommended, this sets you up for the healing process with 3 pre-paid sessions.

​3 Remote Healing with Attunement Sessions $222.22

Gift a friend or relative a remote energy session .


This is a 45 minute Personal Distance Energy Session where Leslie works on your energy field, with your intention in mind, to heal your body, clear your energy, and expand consciousness. Also available to purchase for relatives and friends with ill health. $77.77 

​(Remote sessions are performed on your energy field, not through phone or video)

Receive monthly or bi-weekly bursts of energy that will energize you for a while. This will keep your energy charged and let you continue to receive upgrades as Leslie is always upgrading her energy, you will also receive the upgrades.

The session is $10.00 = 10 minutes, so for instance you may arrange to have 10 minutes of energy sent monthly, or have $20 per month to have 

Note for specific physical healing or spiritual activation, the sessions above would be best.

If you are unsure whether this type of healing would work for you, it is possible to test out the energy, and examine your sensitivity and receptivity to it. Although 90% have extremely strong and beneficial sessions, occaisionally one will be less sensitive to it.

After payment, Leslie will contact you within hours to set up a sample session. Please fill in the form on the contact page after payment, letting her know your time zone. She will let you know the time she will give it, and send an email before beginning. It will be between 12:00pm and 9:00pm in your time zone within 24 hours. (For regular sessions, the time and date is set according to your schedule.) The session will last about 10 minutes. Leslie will contact you afterwards. Be sure to drink water after it has completed.

If you have been notified of a free question, this option is available this month through the purchase of this session or any other more advanced session.