Kirlian Imaging diagram of before and after Energy Healing

Luminare' is often told that, like the picture, her field is very bright. This may be why she is so sensitive to energy fields and is able to turn out street lights, turn them on at will, heal human bodies in this fashion, pick up on psychic thought fields, and much more. Everyone should work to brighten and heal their fields in order to live an amazing life full of spiritual guidance, great health, positive experiences, instant manifestation and infinite possibilities. Energy work is one way, what are you going to do today to change your life for the better?

Kirlian Imaging of a raw food

The HEF (Human Energy Field) of a person before they have had energy work and afterwards. It has healed and repaired holes in their field, and made them brighter and more vibrant. The field manifests in the physical body either causing great health or disease. This is why when a person clears out disease in the energy field, it also clears disease in the body.

Actual Kirlian Imaging of a hand

Notice the vibrancy of the raw food. Energy Work is not the only thing that increases the energy field. A healthy diet of raw food, spending time in nature, spiritual practices, exercise, increasing happiness and joy, and much, much more work to increase the health of the field, which reflects back into the body of the physical object.

Just as someone receives energy work in person, Luminare' works the same way at a distance. This is because whether she works in person or from afar, she is working on the energy field. Scientists have been able to capture the human energy field with Kirlian Photography. Luminare' is able to access this field from anywhere. She can feel your head, your feet, and any area of your body as a viscous static-like energy. Whenever there is disease or imbalance in the field or the body, she is often able to detect it, and clear it out. Even if it is not detected, it is worked on and clearing has begun, severe diseases and problems are sometimes cleared in one session. She feels the energy body as it clears and is energized and often her clients report the same thing. Often, they will feel her presence as she works on them, some clients report seeing her and describe her clothing that day, even though they may be anywhere in the world.