Need better athletic performance?  This work heals the body faster

Have an injury or pain that has stayed for years? Cure it Now!

Activate unused parts of your brain for an amazing unfolding of personal spiritual gifts, Higher intelligence, and so much more! 

Eliminate repeating life experiences, stop the cycles and move on!

Connect to a higher, more intelligent part of you!

Release ego, it is seperative, and will keep your life in limitation.

This energy work transforms.  Work with Leslie and shift your life!


"Your own body is a manifestation of God, and if you honor your body everything will change for you. " - D. Ruiz

Don't pass up the opportunities life has given you.
 Schedule a session with Leslie, and see what type of healing unfolds for you! 


Working with Leslie, you will discover energy systems of healing that restore and eliminate pain and put you back on your path of true health.  The frequencies she works with at the energetic level impact the physical, they eliminate imbalance, bring an enlightened state while allowing a reconnection to the soul, and will strengthen one's intuitive guidance system while also purifying the body.

Heal the body of





What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality -Plutarch








Energetic Medicine

Sometimes you have to unlearn everything you know in order to live a forward-thinking life of your dreams instead of one that holds you back!

Most can feel the energy, even through video

Leslie was interviewed and filmed by Hollywood actor and docu-series filmmaker Reuben Langdon 

Witnessed and filmed (seperately) by actor/filmaker Reuben Langdon.

Considerable learning always happens when we sign the contract that we are ready for change, to face our fears, and see that which our ego thought wouldn't work that brings us to a new understanding, a new awareness vastly richer than that of what we were previously experiencing.  It may take brave moves, that which questions old dogma. It takes bravery to face your dark side and clear it out, but if you want to keep emitting the dark to others in reactant ways, you have no need to face these fears and change, it’s your choice to move forward or stagnate.

To test abilities before Reuben's arrival, energy was sent to the ceiling light. That resulted in half the house's electricity going out(not just the fan light) and needing an electrician to fix the wiring as it had all blown. She even got a new fan out of it! Please do not ask Leslie to test indoors:) 

​Energy Directed Towards Street Lights

Souls Empowered​ 

The lights always come on in a matter of seconds.

Remove the veil and connect back with your power, with your conscious creation energy, and live the life of your dreams!


Heal your body, mind, and spirit to create a powerhouse of health and well-being! These energies tap into your DNA bluprint to match the best version of youself possible to work towards bringing your body to peak health!

Begin to express the fullness of who you are!!!

Shift from limitation to wholeness and create the best life possible!


We are but Divine aspects separated by individual bodies and a veil shielding who we really are. 

After one has healed their physical vehicle, an evolution begins to take place. You become a "future human," to quote Reuben during the interview. Leslie has experienced:

-An easy week without food or water

(no longer being as reliant on physical sustainment)

-Having an electrical effect on electrical devices 

-The birth of spiritual senses which by far overpower any physical sense

-Extreme heart to heart telepathy with others 

-The ability to heal others 

-Having a strong remote effect on others around the world

-Skiddish animals surprisingly allowing human contact

-Instant invokation of UFOs as well as sending them to client's houses before and after sessions (upon their request) 

-Channeling from beyond the conscious mind

​Synchronicities, manifestations, and guidance beyond belief

And much more to be written in her book

Are you ready to go beyond what was thought possible? These energies are very powerful, and never stop evolving you. 

Life literally becomes beyond heavenly, beyond your wildest dreams, beyond what you thought possible.

Footage/evidence/proof/examples of all of these under 'Video" tab

Remote Session Experiences

"During the session, my eyes started twitching and my teeth felt like they were vibrating/chattering" K.J.

"​​​It was totally awesome! (Spine) felt like it was slowly gently correcting itself into alignment… Thank you for the one of the best experiences of life at this time!"T.B.

 "I was drawn to you originally because i was fed up of pain and misery and I just so badly wanted to live again, I guess I was drawn to the right person. Since the healing on Friday, wow, I notice so many changes everything is so much better in every way."A.C.

"The session was intense from my side. I had involuntary left hand movement in the first 10 minutes.

 My knees didn't hurt when I walked in the mall for 30 plus minutes!

  I'm amazed. I forgot to tell you I have a noticable shift in my overall body! Even my wife noticed it without me telling her. My body is more tuned and overall look is thinner!!!

From my end, the experience was too strong.
I feel my body is way lighter than before."F.E.

 "I don't even know how you found me being 1000s of miles away, let alone how you altered my energy. You've inspired and motivated me like no one else and got me awe struck. For the longest time, I had lost faith in humanity, but now it's back in a massive way, for that I don't know how to show you gratitude in an equal way."A.C.

"My entire body is buzzing and vibrating whilst I'm typing this!
Since that session. Super powerful as no one has been able to help me in that area and I've seen many a specialist in different fields.

 Very powerful. I could feel like electricity surging through my feet towards maybe last 15/20 minutes or so. I could feel you working all over my body. I felt my throat change my internal breathing change, it would probably be easier to tell you what I didn't feel a change.

 "WOW, that was intense. As soon as you started, I could feel my 3rd eye throbbing intensely!!! And I could feel it so strongly throughout my entire body, I felt muscles that I've not used in years!! I was just lying on my bed for an hour but even after you stopped working on me, I could still feel it intensely. My door kept shaking quite a lot, which was very unusual." A.C.

"I felt my head rocking from left to right, I got a little scared, but got over it. After that I felt my root chakra spasm a lot for a while and after that it was my heart chakra (feeling like a vortex inside of my heart) but I could feel it in my stomach too.​

...The healing you gave me was more powerful than all the healings I have ever had combined. I slept well last night and woke up without anxiety or anger, I felt at peace and very tranquil. Since the healing, everybody has told me that I was more positive and I have to say I began to sing and dance today. You have really touched something deep within my soul that was waiting to guide me again on the right path. "​A.V.
"You really have the  power ... that knot like thing at the back of my head that was causing me headaches is completely gone!" -G.W.(in person)

 ​“That was amazing.  I felt like I was floating, I could not feel anything below me.  I saw a tunnel of light coming through me, felt much heat entering my head."(in person)

"Since my back is feeling more aligned I've been doing stretches in the morning. When I used to do this I would feel my vertebrae make clicking sound with movement. Since you've worked on me I now feel a slight click in my neck. From 1 to 10, (10 being bad) my spine discomfort was 6 to 9 most days especially at work. Now it's 1 to 3. I now feel the discomfort is my spine adjusting to healing, like a healing bruise. Working on being more active away from work to strengthen knee. 

Since our sessions my back has greatly improved, neck a bit better.  My eating habits have changed to where I am loosing weight, good thing. I feel more easily spiritually connected when I meditate." T.B.

"A couple of times I felt lots of energy flowing from my hands, a sudden sharp pain in my head, some scalp pulsing, occaisional body twitching, and an overall sense of wellbeing." L.F.

(Remote Session for family member)

"She definitely felt you yesterday and she actually told me during the session that you were performing a kind of scanning to her body. The good news is that she is feeling better today, both emotionally and physically. She feels her right leg to have been improved. I trust that she will keep improving as time passes." T.T.

Remote Attunement Session

"I felt a swooshing noise, like wind, in my right ear toward the beginning. There were many times when I started lauging because I felt your presence. I felt the left side of myneck pinch and then release. There was a phase where I just felt energy flowing through me starting at my feet and flowed all the way through my head. I periodically felt spasms around my body. Then, my feet and hands were a bit cold, then at one point my hands were just really warm, even though my feet were still cold. Right after that I felt a strong connection between my hands and my head. I started pushing out energy through my hands, and it has never felt this strong. Towards the end I looked up and could see my field around me and lines moving in it. There was also a green glow in the room." S.W.