Leslie has been performing energy sessions around the world since 2011. She has also been certified in holistic nutrition. Leslie studied Geology and Health Science at the University and ran Cross Country and track on a full ride. She has a deep love for humanity as well as the planet, and tries her best to see you feel your best!

 I was psychic and energy-sensitive from an early age, guessing numbers to be right often, always knowing the time mysteriously, and finding clocks to "call" to me on the hour, I would turn around and it would be on the dot. This began from the age of 5. I was able to tell easily when people were lying, I would experience street lights turning off when I would walk by, I would often manifest my wishes instantly and often, and noticing a heavy amount of spiritual knowledge and past life memory deep within.

I gave up on ever teaching or sharing what I knew until I became freakishly sick in so many ways. It was terrible, I felt like I was dying for 2-3 years. I could not breath, I could no longer perform athletically, or even think in a healthy way, I had to give up my life, my success, everything I even knew about reality in order to heal myself. I became certified as a holistic health coach, I also became a biofeedback practitioner, but nothing was yet feeling right or working well enough for me, so I kept searching.  One day I stumbled upon a meditation book in my own closet, it somehow blasted my third eye open the first time I tried meditating. Upon joining spiritual groups, I found I was always extremely sensitive to the energy there, and others told me how strongly they felt me. I followed my guidance and curiosity and let spirit attune me more and more as I allowed more light into my body. I was finally able to heal my body, and understand the spiritual components to heal others. It felt intuitive though, as if I had done this before. My first remote and in-person sessions were on the same day and were a huge success, the lady I had worked on from a distance said she was vigorously shaking from the intensity of it, it was one of the best days of my life, I knew I was finally where I needed to be, helping others with my energy and the energy that flows through me. It was also part of a vision I had from an early age, so everything was matching up. Since then I have performed life-changing healings, have been able to catch many spiritual experiences on camera and help and teach others as I go along  on this path. My wish is to help you to achieve what you want because I believe removing old energy and blocks, and programming a new, more advanced DNA is one of the best things a person can easily do for their health. Although I still advocate health practices and improving oneself in all ways you can, this is like a free pass, so to speak, in life that advances you in so many amazing ways, giving you your energy and life force back, so that you can do what your here to do, enjoy life, and experience more and more miracles unfold for yourself!

​​​​As well as Energy Healing, Leslie performs psychokinesis to prove her healing energy, as seen demonstrated on streetlights in as little as 2 seconds of sending energy.  She performs trance channeling for spiritual information from an alternate perspective. Leslie has done a 6-day dry fast, a fast without food or water, to demonstrate how energy feeds and supplies what our bodies need. She has shown the energy field's effect using streetlights, and has measured hers to affect electronics at a diameter well over 200 yards in width, she has also video-recorded ufos/spiritual orbs, as well as seen them daily for four + years. Birds, butterflies, and other animals frequently allow closer than normal contact with her, an example of what spiritual energy can do. (See the "videos" tab for examples of all of these)

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