Luminare' has been performing energy sessions around the world since 2011. She has a deep love for humanity as well as the planet, and does her best to have  you feel your best!

Hello beautiful  soul. I am so happy our energetic fields have crossed paths up until this point. It is my deepest joy to see spiritual growth and cleansing, heart healing and expanding, and most of all an incredible divine connection to our truest state, resulting in  heavenly experiences while in this body, as it is meant to be. Our bodies becoming healed and doing things others can hardly believe. The divine guidance we receive daily is beyond a state of our wildest dreams. Seeing every wish and desire unfold, new abilities unsurface more and more while in such beauty. Most of all though, transforming our planet to a place of love. That every person be truly cared for yet sovereign and self-loving, overflowing with love. Let expanding and healing hearts, which in turn heals bodies, be a tradition of every breath as love reigns and shines light upon every hidden gem, to shine as it truly is meant to shine. Be loved and let divine joy be your new life force. I welcome you to a new way of life, streaming holy light, living it and knowing you have come home. Your greatest gift from these sessions will be your heart's infilling of immaculate love, telepathic connections to other's hearts and divine energies flooding your body and spirit. How others will begin feeling your immense presence and have no denying of your energetic encounters. There is no pain of any sort, no sorrow in this way of life. Those who desire keep their darkness resist the light that can shine upon them and heal everything...everything that happened for a very important reason leading up to this point. That once let go of... blossoming  you into the person you were always meant to become. Let go and be physically healed, let go and become a Christed light with limitations removed so that you can live far beyond the status quo, with rewards heavenly and due to unfold far beyond that deathly transision. It happens now, with your choice. Do you choose to to transform everything now, or do you choose to pretend that non of it exists, that nothing can change. You are the only thing holding back the flood of blessings due to you. Take the baton, be transformed, and let all know the truth of this existence.

​​​​As well as Energy Healing,  psychokinesis is performed to prove her healing energy, as seen demonstrated on streetlights in as little as 2 seconds of sending energy. She has done a 6 day fast without food or water, to demonstrate how energy feeds and supplies what our bodies need. She has shown the energy field's effect using streetlights, and has measured hers to affect electronics at a diameter of 200 yards in width, she has also video-recorded ufos/spiritual orbs, divine miracles, birds, butterflies, foxes and other animals frequently allow closer than normal contact with her, an example of what spiritual energy can do. She demonstrated winning her first half marathon after not running in years. All of this energy and focus is what allows her clients to have victory in her work with them (See the "videos" tab for examples of most of these)